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Thai & Indian Restaurant in Malvern

Experience The Lantern: Malvern's Asian Fusion Restaurant

Welcome to The Lantern in Malvern, a vibrant destination for innovative Asian fusion cuisine since 2023. We take you on a culinary journey, seamlessly blending the bold flavours of India with the fragrant delights of Thailand.

At The Lantern, we offer a casual and dog-friendly atmosphere, perfect for both locals and visitors to unwind and savour the moment. Our passionate chefs, true masters of their craft, create a vibrant dance of flavours on your plate from brunch to dinner. 

Explore our diverse menu, featuring a unique fusion of Indian and Thai dishes, guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Whether you crave the rich curries of India or the aromatic stir-fries of Thailand, our menu offers something to delight every palate.


Book a table for a relaxed, flavourful experience in the heart of Malvern – where good food meets excellent company.

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Why Choose The Lantern?

High Quality

We prioritise high-quality ingredients and expert culinary craftsmanship to bring you delicious Asian fusion food. Our commitment to excellence ensures a satisfying dining experience every time.

Free Parking

Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free parking when you choose us. Our location provides complimentary parking, making your visit stress-free and easily accessible for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.


We welcome everyone with wheelchair-friendly facilities, ensuring accessibility for all. Our inclusive environment allows everyone to enjoy our diverse menu in a space accommodating various needs.

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Dog & Walker Friendly

We are perfectly located for a post or pre-walk drink or snack! This is why we’re proud to be recognised as being a dog friendly, and walker friendly establishment.

So pop in and say hello next time you’re in the area!

What Our Customers Say?

“Opened late 2023. A new addition from The Mount Pleasant Hotel. We've been saying for years this needed doing. This place will be busy come the warmer weather as it has lots of very nice outdoor seating. Food is Asian/Indian fusion. It's really good. Fresh flavours and suitable portion sizes. Great value.


I've been for drinks with a group (10+) of lads, friends, and small children. The staff are welcoming and accommodating.


Dine in

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Price per person


Food: 4

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Parking space

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Parking options

Free parking lot


You must register your vehicle registration. Otherwise, you'll get a fine.”

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Contact Details

50 Belle Vue Terrace,

Malvern, WR14 4PZ

We Would Love To Hear From You!

Ready For A Culinary Adventure? Call Us Now On 01684 561837 To Discover The Authentic Tastes Of Asian Restaurants.

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